My very first… ever… blog!

Hey, wow… boy do i feel like I’m down with the kids now doing a blog. Is it like a cool diary entry? Feeling like Carrie from SATC, except i don’t have a closet full of designer clothes, shoes or a size 6 figure… or even a Mr Big.

Instead my closet is full of basic clothes, mainly of the monochrome colour variety, shoes I cant walk in and bags I can’t use, purely because i cant fit the copious amount of nappies, wipes, food and other necessities one baby needs in it.

So I figured hey… wouldn’t it be cool if i could write a daily blog, documenting the real me. From everything from being a mum and wife, and still getting on with daily life. Plus I want to be real with you all, because life isnt all rainbows and unicorn kisses.. sometimes days are pretty crappy, and thats ok 🙂

Plus id like to share things of value, things i have found  that make my hectic and crazy life, a little less hectic and crazy.


lizanna xxxx


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